Whatever your stage in life or lifestyle needs, Country Club Estate is a place where you can have your own space, yet feel part of a safe and friendly community. This is a place where you will feel you truly belong.

A place to belong…

The sense of community that Country Club Estate will evoke is unique. This is a place for people who share a love of their home, who treasure the life they’re building for their families, or who are empty-nesters. These are individuals who seek a sense of belonging. These people are your neighbours. This is your community.

Whether you're a young couple, growing family or retiree, don't be surprised if you make friendships here that will last a lifetime. A casual chat over the fence with your neighbour will quickly become a backyard barbecue, a morning coffee will turn into dinner with a group of locals, or a quick round of golf will become a regular session that lasts all day... These are the moments that make life special, and make a suburb a real community.

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